Azure Data Factory–Foreach / Filter activities

Hello! This is the fourth video in a series of videos that will be posted on Azure Data Factory! Feel free to follow this series and other videos I post on YouTube! Remember to  like, subscribe and encourage me to keep posting new videos! Smile

This video in the series leverages and explores the filter activity and foreach activity within Azure Data Factory. Please take a look at a quick overview below and then watch the video! Enjoy!

Filter Activity in Azure Data Factory

The filter activity in ADF is used in a control flow to filter down an existing array. The filter activity will take an input array and then output a separate array that has the filtered results. Each row of the input array is evaluated using the expression language within Azure Data Factory.

Foreach Activity in Azure Data Factory

The foreach activity iterates over an array performing an action or set of actions on each item within that list. In this video each item in the array is passed into a stored procedure activity, which then loads specific metadata information into a table in an Azure SQL Database.

Video on YouTube:


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Quick Tips–Updating Parameters from the PBI Service

In this quick tip I want to share how you can update Parameters in Power BI from the service. Previously, this was not an option and Parameters could only be updated from Power BI Desktop.

Updating Parameters in Power BI

To update parameters, navigate to the Datasets section in the Power BI Service. Next, click on the schedule refresh icon. Updating parameters is done from the schedule refresh window.


Click on Parameters from the schedule refresh window. Once expanded you will see available parameters, simply update the parameters and you’re done!


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