Advanced DAX: Problem, Design, Solution

Thanks for watching my latest webinar on DAX. If you missed the webinar you can watch the recording here:

I didn’t have a lot of questions from this webinar but I will answer a the ones I did have.

Question: What is the difference between the Find function and the Search function.

Answer: The FIND function is case-sensitive and the search function is case-insensitive. In the webinar I used the FIND function in my first demo but really this could have been replaced with the SEARCH function since I was not concerned with case sensitivity.

Question: Where did you find the School Grade demo that you used in your webinar?

Answer: The data I used in the webinar can be found at the link below:

Question: Might there be an upcoming webinar regarding DAX as it pertains to SSAS cubes rather than Power BI?

Answer: I am not aware of any webinars upcoming that will be specific to Tabular Cubes. It is important to point out that the examples used in this webinar are also applicable with Tabular SSAS Cubes since it uses the same backend engine as Power BI Desktop (xVelocity). If you implement these solutions in SSAS Tabular, the consumption of the data would be achieved through excel and then the necessary filters and slicers would be applied there instead of the report view provided in Power BI Desktop.

Thanks again!