Outlook Email Tips on Searching Emails

I, like everyone, get an incredible amount of email on a daily basis. I recently learned some awesome tricks for searching my outlook that I wanted to share!

In the past when I wanted to search for something I would just type that item into the search box. For example ‘John Doe’. Unfortunately this returned a lot emails that John Doe not only might have sent me but also was cc’d or bcc’d in. It also appeared that if his name was in the subject that email would be returned. Well when you are working on a project in which multiple people are cc’d on every email this results in an overwhelming number of results.

So now to the good part!! Want to search for emails that you received from John Doe? Try this

From:John Doe (Note you don’t have to fully fill out his name.)

From:Joh – This will also return emails from John Doe, but of course anyone else with Joh as well.

To:Jane Doe

Subject:Analytics (This will search the full subject string for the word ‘Analytics’

These are just a couple of the options available. For a full list please check out the website below:

Learn to narrow your search!


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