MDX CALCULATION WIZARD – 12 Awesome MDX Calculations

12 MDX Calculations for your SSAS Cube:

If you have suddenly found yourself in a situation of having to improve the functionality of your cube with MDX Calculations but you don’t know MDX then you have come to right place!  Learning MDX can be a difficult task and one that can take some time, and time may not be something you have!

MDX Calculation Builder Wizard

Well I have great news for you! BIxPress by PragmaticWorks has an MDX Calculation Builder that will help you improve your cube functionality without having to learn MDX! The Wizard will walk you through a series of simple steps and then generate the MDX code for you and add it to your SSAS Solution and voila!

FREE TRIAL HERE: BIxPress Free Trial

Posted below you can find the different calculations and sets included in the wizard:


Thanks for looking!


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