1. Hi Mitchell

    Great blog! Is there an email subscription for your blog? I couldn’t find any. Keep up the great work. Thanks!


    1. Hey Syed, thanks for the great feedback. This blog needs to be updated and I will be working on making some updates in the next couple weeks and this should make it easier for users to subscribe. Thanks again!

  2. Hey Mitchell, thanks for this great post. I have a doubt here.

    1.We are pulling last modified date a file which is stored in a blob using meta data activity. This is clear and now Stored procedure is returning the last Execution Date from my Control Table so are we storing our data from file into a table?

    1. Hey Fraz,

      What you do with the last modified date depends on what business problem you are trying to solve. If you want to compare the last modified date of the file to the last execution date from a control table then you can do that comparison in Azure Data Factory and it’s not necessary to write that information to a table. I outline how to do this comparison in my latest ADF blog using the IfCondition activity. See link below: https://mitchellpearson.com/2018/07/02/azure-data-factory-if-condition-activity/

      Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Mitchell, thanks for this wonderful article.
    Any approach will be helpful!
    I receive different files everyday based on last modified date I need to trigger only that particular file to copy data to SQL.

    1. Hey Venu,

      If those files are loaded into an Azure Blob Storage account then you can simply use an Event Based Trigger in ADF. This trigger would kick off your data flow anytime a new file is added to your storage account. Thanks!

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