8 thoughts on “Azure Data Factory–Filter Activity

  1. Thanks! I need to use a Filter Activity and could hardly find any info on it at all (Including MS). This Blog really helped me. Mike

  2. Hey Mitchell,
    I am trying to use a Filter and the following screenshot shows my condition but I am getting an error. Can you see anything I am doing wrong
    @activity(‘LookUp Company IDs and Connection String’).output.value

    @equals(activity(item().CompanyID, variables(‘CompanyID’)))

    And I am getting this error:
    Position 18Only a single string literal argument is allowed inside the class clause

    thanks…I have tried everything.

    • I haven’t seen that specific error message so i’m not sure, shoot me an email mpearson@pragmaticworks.com. Do you need activity( there? After looking at the error again, it looks like it doesn’t like the fact that you are using a variable value rather than a string literal. Does it work if you replace the variable with a hard-coded string literal value?

  3. Hello, I was using your example for Metadata, taking the output of childitems in a For Each activity to process an array of file names. Now I want to filter down the childitems, so I was able to use this Filter activity example to accomplish that.

    How do I take the output from the Filter activity (similar to childitems from Metadata activity) and use it in the ForEach, to iterate through the filtered list? Hope this makes sense.

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