9 thoughts on “Azure Data Factory–Filter Activity

  1. Thanks! I need to use a Filter Activity and could hardly find any info on it at all (Including MS). This Blog really helped me. Mike

  2. Hey Mitchell,
    I am trying to use a Filter and the following screenshot shows my condition but I am getting an error. Can you see anything I am doing wrong
    @activity(‘LookUp Company IDs and Connection String’).output.value

    @equals(activity(item().CompanyID, variables(‘CompanyID’)))

    And I am getting this error:
    Position 18Only a single string literal argument is allowed inside the class clause

    thanks…I have tried everything.

    • I haven’t seen that specific error message so i’m not sure, shoot me an email mpearson@pragmaticworks.com. Do you need activity( there? After looking at the error again, it looks like it doesn’t like the fact that you are using a variable value rather than a string literal. Does it work if you replace the variable with a hard-coded string literal value?

  3. Hello, I was using your example for Metadata, taking the output of childitems in a For Each activity to process an array of file names. Now I want to filter down the childitems, so I was able to use this Filter activity example to accomplish that.

    How do I take the output from the Filter activity (similar to childitems from Metadata activity) and use it in the ForEach, to iterate through the filtered list? Hope this makes sense.

  4. Thanks a lot, your post helped me to figure out how to filter folders/files with dates.


    Kindly Regards.

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