Azure Data Factory–Lookup and If Condition activities (Part 3)

Hello! This is the third video in a series of videos that will be posted on Azure Data Factory! Feel free to follow this series and other videos I post on YouTube! Remember to  like, subscribe and encourage me to keep posting new videos! Smile

This video in the series leverages the lookup and if condition activity to return a set of results and then determine what operation should occur next based on an expression within the control flow. This is a great demo for learning new activities, expressions and referencing output parameters. Below is a couple of quick highlights on each of the activities featured here and then a link to the ADF video!

Lookup Activity in ADF v2

The lookup activity within Azure Data Factory allows you to execute a stored procedure and return an output. Interestingly, the stored procedure activity does not return any outputs.

  • Leverage the Lookup activity to execute SQL Code or a Stored procedure and return an output.

If Condition Activity in Azure Data Factory

  • Leverage the If Condition activity and ADF Expression language to help control operations in the ADF Control Flow

Video Below:

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