Azure Data Factory–Copy and Delete Activities

Hello! This is the fifth video in a series of videos that will be posted on Azure Data Factory! Feel free to follow this series and other videos I post on YouTube! Remember to  like, subscribe and encourage me to keep posting new videos! Smile

This video in the series leverages the combination of copy and delete activities to archive files once they have been processed.

Copy Activity in ADF v2

The copy activity within Azure Data Factory allows you to efficiently move data from a source to a destination. The copy activity is highly customizable making reusability extremely easy through parameterization. In this video we will copy a file from one blob container to another.

Delete Activity in Azure Data Factory

The delete activity will allow you to delete files or folders either in an on-prem environment or in a cloud environment. In this demo we first move the file using the copy activity and then delete the file from the source with the delete activity!

Video Below:


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