11 thoughts on “Azure Data Factory – If Condition activity

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  3. Great post, quick question though… don’t you need to CAST the Lookup and Get Metadata values to either Date or Integer and then compare?

    • Hey Saul! Thanks for the feedback and the link. The example that I shared in this blog post works without having to change any data types. I am really curious why your example doesn’t work and would like to recreate the problem on my end. I sent you an email with details, thanks again!

  4. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for the post.
    I have a question, suppose I have a dataset like a view from Azure Sql Server and in that view it has two columns of which one is a flag (0/1). I want to perform an activity A if true(1) else activity B. How can I achieve this using If Condition activity?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Roy, the If Condition activity does not operate on individual rows from a dataset. However, you may want to explore ADF Data Flows, these provide you with a lot of the same functionality you may be familiar with from SSIS.

  5. Hey Mitchell, Awesome post like all of yours!! This is exactly what I have to do so that we don’t have to bring back all of our data every day from our ERP; instead we can only bring back the delta data. Thanks again for taking the time to create these blogs!!!
    Mike Kiser

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